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1976  "Spyder" by Bjarne Lilliendahl

When we arrived in the USA for the Bicentennial Race, we first attended a weekly race at Buzz-A-Rama.
We quickly understood that the material we brought from Sweden i.e. ISO-chassis and O/S 006 bodies with glued Lexan air dams was not the way to go.....
Arriving at Greenbelt Bjarne picked up some chassis-parts at Joel's track, and later that night at the Best Western Motel, he built 2 new Spyder chassis. This is one of them.
We also bought a couple of Ferraris, Mylar dams and some spray cans, which ended up in some more up-to-date bodies.

After the race I brought my race body to the race party at the motel, and let the attending US Pros sign it.
A nearly complete "Who-is who" of the world's best slotracers at the time.
Just compare with the results from the 1972 US Nats that include 5 of the drivers at the Party.
After nearly 40 years some of them have left us, but a couple of them are still in business!