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1973 "Diamond" by Tony P

I bought this chassis in 1973. Although it was a nice chassis, it didn't suit the Swedish track conditions with not-so-much-glue at that time. So I sold it after a couple of races.
10 years later when I was tech-inspecting for a race, I recognized the (by then) unusual Diamond frontend.
After the race I traded the chassis back. It was in a terrible condition. The droparm had been cut of and there were rust and huge bolbs of solder all over it. I put it in a box and said to myself: "I must fix it some time".
30 years later when we started this site, the time had finally come......
I cleaned it up and removed rust and excessive solder. I didn't want to touch it too much, but some parts had to be resoldered.
All parts are original except the plumber up-stop/frontend springs.